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The idea behind the ombré hair color trend is simple: hair is darker at the roots and gradually becomes lighter at the ends, or vice versa. It's a gradient hair color technique that has become very popular, and it's clear why. Not only is ombré an easy look to pull off, but the color possibilities are endless.

Ombré hair color
The term ombré comes from the French word “shadow.” It refers to a gradual fading out of color from its darkest shade to its lightest. Sometimes it means having your hair fading from dark brown at the roots to bleached blond at the ends. Sombre is simply a more subtle version of ombré, and the color transition is more gradual.

Some of our clients combine ombré with balayage highlights for a fantastic look that's called flamboyage. Ombré, sombre and flamboyage are fun and easy ways to liven up your hairstyle.

Kim Catalano is a Sassoon-trained Master Stylist, and she's a recognized expert with ombré hair colors. Schedule your appointment today!

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Dark Brown to Caramel Ombré
Dark Brown to Caramel Ombré
Black to Silver Ombré
Black to Silver Ombré
Brown to Gray Ombré
Brown to Gray Ombré

Balayage and ombré hair colors

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