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Do you dream of fantasy hair colors such as soft pastels or bold, bright pink, but worry the trend will fade? Turns out, the fashion hair color frenzy is growing stronger than ever.

Many of our clients - of all ages - who never thought they could make the leap are now asking for lavender or silver or blue highlights.

With 'fashion tones' you can be bold and bright (even wild!) with lots of color, or you can go for a more subtle approach with just a few peek-a-boo highlights.

Peekaboo hair color is often just a pop or two of color peeking out beneath your hair. During your day at the office or while shopping, no one might even notice it’s there but – wow! – your simple evening updo shows your color in all its glory. This hot coloring trend is totally awesome and transformational.

Smoky Magenta Fashion Hair Color
Smoky Magenta
Sherry Red Accents - Fashion Color
Sherry Red Accents

When choosing your fashion colors, Kim will help you avoid mistakes by guiding you to pick shades that not only complement your hair style, but also ones that work with your personal style, skin tone, and personality. You can start out with something very subtle—perhaps just a few highlights or maybe a shade not too different from your current color.

Call Kim today if you think you're ready to take the plunge to a whole new level of vivid and vibrant color.

Lavender Lights Fashion Color
Lavender Lights
Hot Pink Fashion Colors
Hot Pinks
Shades of Blue Accent Color
Shades of Blue