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Have you ever seen someone with soft, radiant, sun-kissed highlights and wondered: What exotic, tropical place has she just returned from? Chances are, she hasn’t been on vacation but has treated herself to one of the free-form styles of hair coloring called Balayage, Ombré and Sombre.

Kim is an expert with these hand-painted techniques. Call her today and you, too, can have that just-got-back-from-vacation-look — all year round.

About Balayage

Beautiful Balayage
The term ‘Balayage’ (ba-lay-azhe) comes from the French verb for "sweep away," which refers to the sweeping strokes that Kim uses with this technique. Hair is not just colored, but balayage requires that hair be hand painted to achieve that sun-kissed look. The aim is to make it seem like the hair has natural highlights from exposure to the sun, so the color is applied to sections of hair, unlike the foil or cap highlighting techniques that are generally used while coloring hair.

Flamboyage is basically the same as balayage, but the ends may be lightened a little more.

About Ombré

Ombré hair color
If you’re looking to shake things up but aren’t sure if a drastic change of hair color is the way to go, ombré might be just the thing for you. The term Ombré comes from the French word “shadow.” It refers to a gradual fading out of color from its darkest shade to its lightest. In many cases it means having your hair fading from dark brown at the roots to bleached blonde at the ends. Sombre is simply a more subtle version of ombré. With sombre the color transition is more gradual. Ombré is a fun and easy way to liven up your hairstyle!

Balayage and Ombre hair colors

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