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This article is about a haircutting technique known as the precision haircut. The precision haircut is based on the theory that, with proper design and attention to detail, any texture of hair, even the most unruly, could be tamed and properly styled. The precision haircut is a means of "engineering the haircut," taking into consideration wave patterns (or lack thereof), natural design lines, weight-lines, guidelines, and pivot points that allowed the freshly cut head of hair to fall naturally and flow into the predetermined desired style. Vidal Sassoon is one of the best known pioneers in precision cutting.

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A common myth is that a precision haircut is just a severely angular cut. In other words, a cut with straight, dramatic lines and clean angles. That's not necessarily true, although it can be if that's what the client wants. Most importantly, the professional stylist should be properly trained in precision cutting techniques so that she can create the cut that her client wants.

The key factors in determining the best cut are:
  • Selecting the correct hair style for the individual's face shape and bone structure.
  • Understanding each individual’s hair growth patterns.
  • Understanding each individual’s life style needs.
  • Using precise guidelines according to the weight factor of hair movements.
  • Using design lines to create unique shapes and fall patterns.
  • Using invisible layering where appropriate.
  • Slicing, texturizing and skimming to emphasize or highlight interest points for each individual’s unique beauty, features & characters.

Kim Catalano studied advanced precision cutting techniques at the world-renowned Vidal Sassoon Academy in London, England. And she has been using her advanced knowledge of hair cutting and styling in the Raleigh area for more than 20 years. She is a true expert at understanding the way hair should be cut, and then using that knowledge to create beautiful, natural looking styles for her clients.

If you're looking for a stylist who really understands the fine art of haircutting, call or text Kim today to book your appointment.